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Thought Leaders and the Importance of Original Content

Posted by Sean Herlihy on Oct 20, 2015 8:20:45 AM
Social_Media_shaping_businessSo you’ve already established yourself within your industry and you have a solid client base. You are comfortable where you’re at, doing great work with your current customers but you don’t seem to be attracting anyone new. In addition, your current clients aren’t engaging with you and your company unless they need something or have a complaint. So, how do you attract, convert, close and delight customers? Follow what thought leaders do by posting creative and original content then publish on your site and social media outlets following these guidelines and tips.


Be Creative

Whatever industry you are in, there are aspects of it that give you an opportunity to delight your customers with appropriately funny and captivating content. Find out what information gets the attention of your target audience. Once you find something that works, you can build off of it for future posts and customer engagement.   

Put Yourself in Your Customer's Shoes

If you are aiming to attract more Millennials than Baby Boomers, then you need to appeal to them. For each buyer persona - a subset of your customers (Millennials vs Baby Boomers) - understand what is important to them and how you can relate that to the products or services you have to offer. That doesn’t mean put “Justin Bieber” in your title just to get their attention. Make it relevant and appealing. Look at your content from their point of view.

Let Your Personality Show

If you can connect with your target audience and your current customer base on a more personal level, it enhances the business relationship. People are more responsive and receptive to other people with similar interests, morals, and senses of humor. Let that part show to attract those who want more than just a business relationship.

Don't Fire and Forget

Now you’ve posted something that is creative, captivating and shows your personality. Spend as much time promoting the content you’ve created and published as you did creating it. Don’t forget to follow up on comments, likes, shares, retweets, etc. Follow up is extremely important! Further, don’t wait weeks to respond to questions, comments or words of praise from your customers. If they raise a question and don’t get an answer, the world is at their fingertips by way of the web and they will go elsewhere for answers, ultimately leading to a dissatisfied current customer or loss of another potential customer.

Whether already established in your industry or just getting started, the above pointers are a surefire recipe for successfully becoming one of the top thought leaders in you industry. In doing so it helps you attract, grow and delight your client base. After all, happy customers make for an easy work day! 

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