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A Felines Guide to Client Experience

Posted by JC Costarino on Nov 17, 2015 3:00:46 PM

I share my home with two cats. They neither run the show nor are they wallflowers, so I think "share" is a fair assessment of our living arrangement. I wouldn’t consider myself a crazy cat lady and until recently, we shared the space with 100 pounds of Rhodesian Ridgeback, who ironically enough also provided his own view into the world of client experience. While not completely a cat lady, I am in tune with their reactions to, and their interactions with, the space around them. Recently, while perusing the collection of cat pictures rivaled in number only by that of my lovely goddaughter, I saw a pattern emerging. This interesting pattern led to a very simple guide to client experience and while different than the perspective provided above by the late, Great Santini, it is nonetheless important to keep in mind when looking at your own client experience.

They want attention NOW

Cats are particular and they do not have any reserves about getting in your face about their wants or needs. Clients are very similar, although if you have one lying on your keyboard right now, you may want to all security! Clients know they are not your only client, nor are they your only priority, but they expect singular service when they need it, not when it works for your schedule. The key to a great client experience is anticipating their needs, but when that doesn’t work (we are not mind readers after all), you have to find flexibility in your day to jump in and help them out whenever you can.

They want exposure to the BIG DOG 

As you can see here, my two have no concept of size differences or hierarchical power structures, they just knew they wanted to spend time with and get to know the giant they shared a home with.   Clients don’t necessarily want to go paw to paw with the CEO, but they want to know who’s who at your company. This is accomplished in many ways: updated bios and headshots on the website, up-to-date LinkedIn profiles, and updated information and photos on any social networks they may frequent. Clients are people and they want to know they are working with people, not just corporate entities.

They want it ALL 

If Panthro gets a treat, Tygra wants 2; when Tygra gets to go outside on rare occasion, Panthro is right on his heels. We all want what someone else has…it is human nature and part of what pushes us to never step reaching for loftier goals…clients are no different. Clients understand there are different levels of service or products offered by your company, but they want to feel they are getting all they possibly can from your organization. They sense this through bundled product or service packages, loyalty discounts, or even just a kind smile and helpful employee who goes the extra mile to help with an issue.


They are your BIGGEST Fans / Promoters  

At the end of the day, no matter what’s transpired, these two little guys are there to sit by my side in silent support, simply because I catered to their needs during the day. Your clients are the same way—even if you ask them to dress up in silly shirts, they are going to support and promote you, if you support them and provide them with continuously excellent client experience.

Not Sure Where to Start?

While I used cats to illustrate the points above, you are people, not cats, so make sure your online presence aligns to who you are in real life and who you want your clients to see when they search for you, then work from there to create a reflective client experience.

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