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What is Digital Marketing?

Posted by Patrick Sitkins on Feb 16, 2016 1:40:48 PM
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Digital-Marketing.jpgWhat is Digital Marketing?

The business, and more specifically, the marketing landscape has changed over the years from Marketing to Digital Marketing as a primary tool for reaching an audience. Webopedia defines internet marketing as "advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from Web sites or emails." These methods are much different than the traditional, but still relevant, methods of TV, radio and physical (newspapers) marketing methods. This is because the internet is constantly changing and there are a number of metrics to analyze and improve upon when utilizing internet marketing. Under the broad umbrella of digital marketing are three main areas:

Your Website

The first subset of digital marketing is website marketing through your site to provide information about your product, service or business as well as to gain the attention of customers and potential customers. Your website is the hub of where you create the brand you want to project to the world. 

Email Marketing

The second area is through email marketing. Email marketing is used by companies to keep customers and followers up to date with newly published content on their website and ultimately drives those email subscribers to their website. Email marketing, when done right, is interesting and captivating enough to get the reader interested in continuing onto the company's website in order to take advantage of a sale, gain insight into a changing industry or product, or just review what is new with the company.

Social Media

The third, and increasingly more important, area under the umbrella of digital marketing is social media marketing. This is an addition to the Webopedia definition of internet marketing and just goes to show how rapidly the world of digital marketing changes and emphasizes the need to stay up to date with these changes. Social media is used by individuals to connect to their peers and where they share relevant and interesting information on anything under the sun. By taking advantage of this facet of marketing you appeal to people's interests by sharing information with your followers that may interest them. By doing this you drive visitors to your social media profiles, where you should have a link to your website, and after repeated visits turn those visitors into leads. Once a lead is produced, they may subscribe to your emails that should be tailored to bringing them to your website to take advantage of deals, sales, and information.


Overall, digital marketing is the fastest and easiest way to generate leads and convert those leads into sales and repeat customers who promote your brand to their social circles. It is quickly becoming the most relevant way to reach your customers and stay up to date on trends, changes in the market or industry, and pass the knowledge onto your followers. More and more people use the internet each day than ever before, so don't be the last to capture a new audience through this marketing tool!

Dipping Your Toe in the "Digital Water"

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