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Pro Tip Tuesday

Posted by Patrick Sitkins on Nov 4, 2014 10:26:00 AM
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LinkedIn-InBug-2CLinkedIn, above every other social network, is the #1 place you and your team should be. If there was ever a place to “go where the influencers go”, this is it! While most professionals joined LinkedIn, we see very few that set up their account properly. If you are looking for answers about how to use LinkedIn, here are a few things to do today, to enhance your online visibility.

Your Profile

- Turn off automatic broadcasts to your network. You want them to see your finished product, not a work in progress.

- Listen to LinkedIn and fill out your profile as much as possible.

- Use the headline to grab attention. Your job of “sales”, marketing executive, COO or CEO is not compelling!

- Connect to your company in the “Experience” section.

- Review regularly to ensure correctness and completeness.


- Choose an appropriate picture. This is not Instagram or Facebook! Choose something in alignment with how you normally dress for work.


- Check your requests and inMail regularly. Don’t let your next great connection sit in queue for months!

- Join relevant industry groups and engage.

- Get social! Don’t be a fly on the wall. Join and start conversations. Show people you care.


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