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Fall Insurance Marketing Tips

Posted by Paula Warden on Sep 19, 2016 10:54:48 AM
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If you’re like me, the countdown to fall actually starts the countdown to next summer! But nonetheless, fall is coming…soon. And with it are a whole bunch of new opportunities for marketing within your insurance agency.

Fall Marketing Ideas for Your Insurance Agency

Back to School Campaigns

  • While it may be too late in your area for a “Back to School” kick-off campaign, it’s still a great time to remind your clients of driving safety – especially when driving through school zones.
  • It’s never a bad idea to hold a School Supplies Drive at your office. And let your clients and prospects know what you’re doing, when it is and whom it’s for.

Football Season Campaigns

  • Show your colors and share it on your Social Media! Pro, College or local high school, it doesn’t matter! If you have Football Fridays snap some pictures and share them with your audience! You’ll probably gain some new followers!
  • Share Tailgating Safety tips with your audience. Be sure to include a good recipe or two!
  • Let your clients know about home safety when having Watch Parties at their homes. Don’t let a fun time be ruined by unsafe activities.
  • And always remind your audience of the dangers of drinking while driving. Whether they’re celebrating a big win or drowning their sorrows after a loss, there’s always an alternative to getting behind the wheel after a couple of drinks. Let your audience know what those alternatives are. And if you insure any car services, now is a time to promote their services!

Fall Maintenance Tips

  • Create a campaign about how to prepare your home for fall and the coming winter. Let your audience know what they can do to minimize the effects of the coming colder weather.
  • Highlight any of your clients that offer home maintenance services during your campaign. Not only are you helping your audience, but also your client “the contractor” will benefit as well – and probably remember you for it.



  • Share Halloween Safety Tips with your audience.

  • Offer a workshop to show parents how to make Halloween costumes safer (i.e. where to put reflective tape, making sure their kids can breathe well, etc.)

  • Be sure to share pics from any Halloween costumes that show up at your office on your Social Media!

  • Hold a Trick or Treat event at your office on the night of Halloween! Prepare goodie bags with your business cards in them to give out to kids and adults alike! Advertise in your local paper!

  • If you want to get really brave, talk to your commercial clients about sponsoring a Trick or Treat walk in your local business district where all of the businesses hand out candy and promotions. 


  • Take the opportunity to share travel tips with your clients and prospects, including how to keep their homes safe while they may be traveling over the long holiday weekend.

  • Share fire safety tips with your audience – a turkey covered in baking soda to put out a grease fire is never good.

  • Host a Canned Food Drive at your office and donate to a local food shelter. Make sure your clients and prospects know where they can bring their canned food items.

  • Get a jump on Holiday cards! Consider sending Thanksgiving Cards rather than Christmas cards to your contacts!

  • Is there a local Thanksgiving Day run in your area? Find out how you can sponsor it and what you can do to help.

  • Share your grandma’s favorite Jell-O salad recipe – or another recipe that may be one of your favorites – to your Social Media sites.

Get creative! This season has a lot to offer to help get people to notice your business and for you to be more involved in your community!

The "Next Level"

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