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Top Digital Marketing Blogs in May

Posted by Patrick Sitkins on May 29, 2015 7:00:00 AM
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First, May Showered Us With...News?

May was an entertaining month.

"The Rock" broke the World Record for the most rapid fire selfies, Beyonce fans showed their ongoing love of her with the viral #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat, and Merriam Webster once again proved that we are living in a fast paced and adaptive world by adding words to the dictionary such as "WTF", "emoji", "click bait" and "photo bomb".

In all of this hard hitting news, we were able to sprinkle in some actual knowledge you can use! Here are the top digital marketing articles and posts from Adaptive during the month of May.


"How to Effectively Market Financial Services to Millennials"

Millenials represent a unique generation and specific challenges when it comes to marketing financial services. Many label this group of young adults as irresponsible, especially when it comes to professional financial services. So how do you get the attention of an entire demographic of people who don’t seem to care about planning for the future? The answer is to truly understand what motivates millenials to spend money and how they evaluate companies.

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"3 Tips for Winning at Client Experience"

This past week I had the great fortune of attending multiple webinars offered by Qualtrics in celebration of CX Week. For those of you unaware of the abbreviation, CX is quite simply Client Experience.  Spending a week dedicated to this burgeoning hot topic I felt compelled to compile the following tips.  As we were reminded many times throughout the sessions, client experience applies to B2C and B2B companies alike; so these 3 tips work not only for client interaction, but for customer experience as well.

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"How Millennials Can Win BIG WIth Branding"

You have the unique opportunity to take control of your reputation before everyone else does. You can proactively tell the world who you are and what you stand for, or you can act like the seasoned pro in the story and stick your head in the sand. I bet I can guess the path you’ll take.

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"The Shepherd and Enviable Client Experience"

Just as the shepherd tends his flock and pays attention to their individual needs, so to should you take the time to learn more about your clients than their basic product or service needs. The next time a client calls and you have the information necessary to inquire about a personal moment in their life (such as their daughter’s birthday), listen to their reaction and the subsequent dialogue that ensues and let me know if it is different than the last time you simply spoke to them about their account.

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Personal Branding ROI can I bring insurance professionals along this journey to understand the true value? Well, let’s start with some cold hard facts. During the writing of “Brand Aid” we performed research to get an idea of how c-suite executives behave. In the over 6,000 responses received, there was one glaring takeaway – 78% of the respondents indicated they looked up sales people before meeting with them. That’s powerful information, yet it shouldn’t surprise you. In today’s hyper-connected world it is expected your reputation precedes you. What people find, or don’t find, when they look you up, begins to form their opinion of you long before you meet with them.

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