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New Ways to Control and Promote Your Personal Brand on Facebook

Posted by Patrick Sitkins on Oct 6, 2015 8:21:51 AM
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Death_to_stock_photography_weekend_work_9_of_10Do you want to control your brand? Be intentional!

Changes to the platform have made it easier to control and promote your personal brand on Facebook. How? By giving you more control over what you highlight and what information you share across the network. Here are some changes that can have a big impact on how you present yourself.

Video Profile Loop

Instead of a static photograph, you can upload a short, looping video clip that plays when people visit your profile. As of right now, you can add this right from your phone.

Soon you will also be able to temporarily change your profile picture while on vacation or for a major event and have it change back at a specified time. This is very beneficial if you have something to promote or share short term. 

Your Best Brand Forward

You are now able to put your best brand forward by serving up information that promotes you - the way you want it to.

One-line Bio to give a clear and concise message about who you are

Featured Photos allow you to highlight a few images instead of people seeing the most recent ones

Control what information is shared publicly vs. with your friends in the About section such as specific work, schools, family, etc. You can now pick and choose between each piece of content instead of having a universal setting.


All networks, including Facebook, have made very obvious changes to encourage and highlight visual content. With these latest updates, Facebook is making videos and profile pictures bigger and more prominent. This is a very clear sign you should consider visual content as much as possible.

These are all great updates to the platform. In order to really rock your personal brand, you need to be intentional with it, and manage it instead of leaving it up to chance.

Take Control Of Your Reputation Before Everyone Else Does

Think branding is just for large corporations, marketing directors, and cattle? Think again. Each one of us has a brand – a personal brand, how others see us – which is shaped by what we do, say, write, and otherwise present ourselves to others.

We can’t fully control how others see us (smart, capable, compassionate, creative, fair). But many of us don’t even try. That is, we don’t take a moment to think about how we WANT to be perceived, and then take a few simple steps to bolster that impression with purposeful action.

BRAND AID isn’t a book about manipulating others, putting on airs, or saying things you don’t really mean. It IS about using our words and actions mindfully, whether they take place in a conference room, PTA meeting, dinner party, Facebook comment thread, or anywhere else.

Using clear examples from businesses, families, and more, this straightforward guide presents essential advice for anyone who wants to succeed in today’s competitive and interconnected world.

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