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Doing Whatever It Takes To Hit Your Goals

Posted by Patrick Sitkins on Jan 5, 2016 11:30:14 AM
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Alyssa-Godesky-Triathlete-Adaptive.jpgAhhhh, 2016 is here. A time of renewal. A time to hit the reset button. A time to finally "get down to business", and accomplish the goals you've been wanting for so long. 

Wait, does that sound like the beginning of 2015? And 2014, 2013, 2012....etc. Unfortunately most individuals and organizations are nowhere close to where they hoped they would be by 2016.  Why is that?  Committment.  Most times, what we want and what we are willing to work for are two very different things. If you or your organization are stalled in-place, there could be a few reasons for this.

Unrealistic goals

There is nothing wrong with 'dreaming big' or 'reaching for the stars', but setting huge goals can be a problem. In some cases these lofty goals are set without a true understanding of the path to get there. Other times they are set too far into the future which makes the process to get there extremelt dauting. 

Going Through the Motions

At times, companies and individuals set goals because they should. It's the end of the year, and they either feel they should, or they are forced to set some arbitrary goal. They write something down without belief or passion.

Lack of Accountability

 If there are no internal or external consequences then there is no ongoing driving force. 

Drive To Do Whatever It Takes

Getting better or accomplishing something great seems fun, and even rewarding, but most people are not willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Years ago I heard a story about an IronMan competitor.  This triathlete was only a few miles into the bike leg of the 140.6 mile race when his seat fell off his bike.  For most people, this would be a very easy excuse to stop. WIthout a seat, it would be almost unthinkable to ride another 80+ miles - not to mention running a full marathon after.  That was not the case for this competitor.  He had worked extremely hard to qualify for the Ironman World Championships.  His drive and determination wouldn’t allow him to quit, because he was willing to sacrifice and do whatever it took to finish.  

So what did he do?  He rode the remaining 85 miles on his water bottle!  He took his little plastic water bottle placed it on the stem where his seat used to be and he pushed on.  Riding a bike for 112 miles (the total bike portion) is agonizing enough.  Can you imagine sitting on a water bottle for a break, and most likely having to standup the rest of the ride? These thoughts would be enough to make almost anyone pull out of the race.  Not this guy.  He was committed to the end - to the finish line.  Nothing was going to stand in his way.

What if you finally had that kind of commitment to your goals?  What if you had a whatever it takes attitude?  What if you refused to allow anything to get in the way - not even yourself?

Next time things seem hard, like: practicing your presentation, doing a little research, working on your brand, learning new technical skills, catching up on current events, or working your pipeline ask yourself - is it worth it? Is my goal important enough, and is this going to help me accomplish that goal?

If this resonates with you, may try putting a water bottle on your desk to remind you (I wouldn't recommend going for a ride without a seat).  It may force you to do those things that you just don't feel like doing.  That bottle could be a reminder that things could be a whole lot worse.

Here's to getting things done and accomplishing big things in 2016!

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*Photo credit, Alyssa Godesky. Adaptive sponsored Pro Triathlete.

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